Test tube holder

Kind of a trivial project, but one of those times it’s handy to have a laser cutter.

I was inspired by Propagation Station or Bud Vase to buy some of those tubes for “maybe I’ll get around to making a vase some day”. But in a convenient coincidence, they day they arrived I also had a small bit of science to do that those containers would be perfect for. Except they fall over. So after a small bit of fussing around with Fusion 360, a few minutes of lasering, and some sloppy glue work, I have exactly what I needed.


I put the files up here, in the unlikely event they are useful to anyone else: Test Tube Holder (laser cut, parametric) by masto - Thingiverse. There is a F360 model that can be modified to suit different sizes or numbers of tubes.


I have seen perfect glue work on acrylic, but never came close myself. With my hands shaking like I was some old septuagenarian it will be hard to get better at it.

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Problem solved! Good work!