Tested - Laser Cut Mechanized Hands for Creature Effects!


Tested: laser cut mechanical hand
Tested: laser cut mechanical hand

Great find! Those would be really cool to make out of acrylic. :sunglasses: Thanks for sharing!


Just posted this same thing. I think there are plans for this somewhere? At 10:20 they say that the illustrator files are available somewhere I think


Ha! Great minds?

I wonder if the plans are part of the Tested Premium access. I am not a paid member…although I guess I should be. Tested and here are the two places I likely visit most.


Great minds.

Yeah its not on their public article on it on their site (not really an article… More of just a description of the video)


I’m surprised @dan hasn’t sent Tested a demo Glowforge yet. This is the second video featuring their loaned Universal laser. Although the shill videos they did for Honda are pretty lame so maybe it’s for the best :slight_smile:


I have to agree, those Honda videos feel very “sell out”.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to them doing paid stuff. It’s just that the projects were all pretty basic (clearly they had to give the trucks back as they were careful to not make any modifications to them.) And they were clearly told to show off the in-bed trunk, the fold-up back seats, etc. But whatever, if the $$ lets them do more interesting videos in the future, I’m all for it!


I wonder if you can make the same thing for your feet?..


Pretty sure it is achievable but not with 1mm and 3mm acrylic sheet. :rage:


Building a scaffold out of even incredibly thin materials can hold a large amount of weight. I think you could pull it off with a clever design…


I’m sure I have an old Meccano set around here somewhere!