Texas Artists!?

I present to you: a super cool Call for Entry to the The Woodlands High School Art Trust.


Must be: A juried artist, Texas resident, and 22 or older.

This program is super awesome! They modeled it after a school in Pennsylvania that started a similar program back during the Great Depression. That collection has some works by what are now pretty famous artists.

I participated a couple of times a few years back and was lucky enough to have them buy a couple of pieces - then was told I could only have two pieces accepted overall. So, that’s that and I started promoting it when it came around, because I think it’s that awesome!

Basically, you submit a work of art and the student body casts their votes on what they would like to add to the collection. They then buy the top picks (as many as they can within the budget they have from fundraising efforts).


Cool! @Jules or @timjedwards I suppose you could not adopt any of us from the outside for this but it would be interesting.

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Sure, you can say you live here. :smile:


Submit it under the name Demon. That name will fly for an artist. Even in Texas.


Even better, I might just submit some of her work. Think a beaut of a hairball would be considered art? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It could be.

Join forces with @rbtdanforth and put it inside one of his boxes.


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