Text / fonts that can be scored – not outlined, not engraved

Hi all,

I know we all love how fast you scan score a design vs. engraving that design. And I’m sure we’re all putting text on things all the time…

So I’m wondering if there’s any good techniques to be able to turn text into something that can be scored rather than engraved or outlined?

It seems the usual approach would be:

  1. write some text
  2. pick a font
  3. choose to either:
    (3a) engrave that text, or
    (3b) outline the text, and score the outline

But I’d love it if I had a few fonts to choose from that were single-stroke fonts…
Does this exist? Any ideas?

I used to work with a lot of typography / fonts nerds, so I’m going to ask them too :wink:
But figured I should check in with you all as well.


Ok - before people tell me to go search stuff…

I did find this post:

And in particular https://www.onelinefonts.com/ which might be the exact answer to my question :smiley:

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This one from @bill.m.davis is my favorite


I have used the Text2Vector several times and it works great. I did find another one call CNC Hershey Text Tool. I think the only advantage of the Hershey one is it has a few additional fonts tho I have not used this as much as the Text2Vector. Just wanted to let you know it was out there. Here is the link:


Hershey text is included in Inkscape. The latest version of inkscape has a few options and supports curved single stroke fonts.


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