Text warning

I don’t actually know if this is a Glowforge problem or an Inkscape problem, but I hope I can find the answer either way here. :slight_smile:

Lately, when I upload SVGs created in Inkscape, I get a warning that the Glowforge can’t process text and I need to convert all text in my document to paths. This happens even when my file does not and never has had text in it. If I click “ok,” it cuts fine. (So this is a low priority request, since I can easily do everything I want to.) It didn’t used to do this. I don’t know if Inkscape has updated, or the GF has updated, or something else is going on. Anyone have any insight?


I believe that if you click on the Text tool in Inkscape and click on the board, even if you don’t type anything afterwards, it sets a text notifier that the GFUI can see.

There’s a little dot/dash that shows up in Illustrator - not sure what it looks like in Inkscape.

Maybe it’s just seeing that.

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Confirmed – that’s exactly correct.

Just created an SVG in Inkscape with a spiral and then clicked the text tool a couple of times, but did not type any text.


GFUI barfed when I loaded it:



In the SVG code, you’ll see a placeholder where it’s calling for text - even though there are not actually any characters. The Glowforge doesn’t care - it just sees a call for text and says, nope.