Thank you geckos

Currently Geckos are the thing for my 4 year old, I asked him to draw me one and I took the measurements off that to make a gecko toy.

About a week later we needed to give a couple of thank you cards to some of the families that came his birthday. Because I have a laser I asked him if he wanted to give thank you geckos and he was thrilled with the idea.

I am still figuring out workflow, in I am very comfortable in drafting software but getting that through to inkscape is more often than not challenging, but I managed to get it to print from the pdf so I figured i would try sharing that wonky pathing and allgecko mark 1.pdf (2.8 KB)


I think this was just some 5mm MDF i had. Should work with any thickness you will just need to adjust the height of the pins, which are sized for 1/4" dowel.


What an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing the file! :grinning:

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What a great idea and thanks for sharing. I have a friend who’s kid just got a gecko so this would be just the right gift.

I’ll try and use split-pins instead of the dowels.

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Wow! Gecko’s are big here and such a creative moveable design. Thanks for file!

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I took another look at the file, the box is there to be a reference for scale. Box as drawn is 1" sq. There is no need to cut that part

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Awwwwww, what a cute idea. Thanks for the file!

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Very cute idea! I’m sure he was thrilled!!