Thank you Glowforge!


I woke up this morning to find that our Etsy store just hit 1,100 orders. This happens 1 week before we cut our sitter loose so I can stay home with our son and laser all the things full time. (little dude loves to push the button!)

And no - I won’t tell you my Etsy shop’s name. :wink:


Very cool news! You must be very excited. Congratulations!


Excellent! Keep designing and keep forging.


Congratulations! Fleshing out the dream :sunglasses:


That’s fabulous!
Let’s hear it for self-employment and being able to work any 80 hours a week you want to :stuck_out_tongue: (but seriously, congrats - that’s a wonderful feeling)


Right? Hahaha! I figure I’m already doing that, plus 2hrs commute each day and only seeing my 20 month old son for 30min before I leave for work & 15min once I get home…while handing the sitter a chunk of my paycheck. It’s the ultimate win-win!


Congrats on the orders! May they keep rolling in!