Thank you glowforge2

My problem of the start button not solved but I have to say this
According to all what I read and as I am living out of USA and Uk I expected that the support team will ignore me but yes if you are living out of these countries it is difficult to repair your glowforge
But the support team and every one I contact was really following my case and trying to help me as much as they can they offers a lot of solution for me
But what surprise me that they are answering following and trying to help not like I reed that no one will care that’s not true
So thank you for your support


Thank you for posting this. It’s always so great to hear about good things that happen. I’m glad you’re being taken care of…they’re a wonderful bunch of people.


I second @Xabbess. It’s always nice to hear some positive feedback. I’ve had a few issues lately and have had nothing but a great experience. I am in the US but that shouldn’t matter. Good service is good service!


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