Thank You Sign

To all of the hard working individuals working who worked on the Glowforge, thank you.

Last week I received my Glowforge and can’t be more thrilled. It arrived just in time for our wedding and with the proofgrade material I was able to knock out some great signs to show it off. Next up is a wallet for everyone to gawk at :slight_smile:


Fantastic! (But how on earth do you have time to play on a Glowie with a wedding coming up?) :smile:


Came out great! Be sure to show us the rest of the things after you return.


Wow … with pre-wedding busy times … I don’t think I would have tried to squeeze in time on the Glowforge. Kudos!!!

Congratulations on your wedding!


That looks great!! How did you do the text? Did you find that or use a special font or something? Congratulations on your wedding! I’m prepping for mine and was thinking of trying to make edge-lit table signs for the reception…


I’m so glad you were able to print decor for your own wedding!

Jules, with a very understanding Fiance! haha. Best thing about the laser is its somewhat fast learning curve so it didn’t take much time away. Plus items for the wedding was just a plus for me and her.

scampa123, the text was from an online font. It was pretty straight forward to type is up, perform an outline in illustrator and then merge some of the letters. The proof grade material made making the cuts a breeze .

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That’s awesome!!! What font did you use?