Thanks for today's gift!

The tool caddy looks really handy!!


Oh yeah! I need organizational stuff in the worst way! Fantastic! :grinning:


Unfortunately, that is usually how my stuff is organized :sob:

But that caddy is way more impressing than the previous :joy:


Yup, just what I needed. This laser cutting is addictive and as a result I’m starting to care less for how my desk looks. I’m going to change that with this caddy. Big thanks to the Glowforge Team



Thanks for reminding me to check for today’s freebie.

I may be a big advocate for doing your own designs but that won’t stop me from using something that is perfect already or using it for inspiration.


I’m also relieved to see they’ve added links to the previous days’ freebies – I’ve been so afraid I might forget to check one day, and end up missing something! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, kudos for the quality of the designs being offered. My “stuff to make when I can walk again” list is growing a lot faster as a result!


It really is an exceptional design. I’m thinking they know us well … And knew just what to gift us!


my only negative to today’s gift is it’s set up for thick material. and i don’t have three sheets of thick wood and a sheet of thick acrylic.


When I click on the link [] from the email, I do not get a screen with the “gift” in the upper right hand corner to access the gifts. What am I doing wrong?

Do you see this in the upper right hand corner of the Glowforge app page? You just click on the little gift icon.


Yes the box is there but it’s empty for me too.
There’s no red notification top right of the box indicating you got a present waiting!

10:30 am Update : Fixed

No, this is all I see:36%20PM

Doesn’t even look like yours!

That’s what you see here on the forums. you need to go to the app page.

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You will need to open the actual machine operation UI


Good luck

I feel like I am stuck. Anytime I go to app I get this page:

I am a newbie, but I already set up my Glowforge but never used since only got end of school year.

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Aha, you’ve never seen let alone used the GF ops UI or connected to the machine via WIFI, I assume

But still you should be able to open the User Interface (UI) to “talk” to your machine, I think.

Are you logging into the same account the Glowforge was set up on?

what happens if you click on the FVFoxes to the right of the Buy Now button?


I changed the name that was used when my IT person at school purchased it so it was in my name for my school. Somehow that I thought that would fix the issue but it didn’t.