Thanks to Everyone!


I am a new recipient of a Glowforge as a gift. For months I have not been able to post because I didn’t purchase it but I have experienced your forum virtually everyday.

Whereas it is you who post and “Make” this forum I just wanted to say thank you for all the info and the helpfulness that is shown here.

I have been a moderator of a large forum for nine years and let me say for the record - you are making something very special here.



For a little over 2 years now, this place has become a special retreat for me, and a day hasn’t passed that I haven’t learned something (I was completely ignorant of both lasers and CNC so it’s a low bar), and there are many here I consider friends. A very special place.
Welcome home. :sunglasses:


Glad to have you join us.


I received my “Devotee” badge today, meaning I had signed onto these forums for 365 days in a row. My only surprise was that I just now received it. This forum has become a daily part of my life for the last few years and it surprised me that I had missed a day somewhere.


I just want to know what the badge is for 730 days.
(Probably “Raving Lunatic”!) :smile:


Can you see how many days in a row you’ve visited? I can see how many total days I’ve been on the forums (838…holy #!?%), but that’s the only related stat I can find.


Dunno, I’ve never looked around for it. I guess I should go check. (Might freak me out though…) :rofl:

Nope - only the total - 757 days. (I joined late.)


What a nice thing to say! This is an amazing group of people and I’m happy you’re joining us! Welcome.


Wow! What a wonderful gift! Glad you have officially joined us!

October of '15 I joined, read everything for a bit … Then did weekly for a few months. Went to 2-3 times a day, (but, didn’t log in when not at my main computer). Which means I couldn’t “like” or comment. Finally logged in everywhere about a year ago. I show only 414 days.

This is a great community … Which offers teaching, support, and friendship. We are all very fortunate.


Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Wow. I only learned of Glowforge’s existence last August and bought one soon after, and did not find the forum till after that. It has consistently amazed me at the level of talent and knowledge here so welcome to the club!


Huh. I thought you were an old hand when I arrived - and I’m showing 783.

The one that’s scary is the Days Read - 54 days of my life on here (I believe it’s hours/24=days read). :slight_smile:


Uhhhm…yeah. 5 months read time for me. :smile:
(I’ve decided that just isn’t possible, they must count the time I have the forum open on multiple tabs for creating tutorials as additional time reading. Still means I spend too much time writing tutorials up.)


@Jules and @jamesdhatch…meh…what a couple of lightweights…879 for me! :rofl:


Wow! That’s devoted! :smile:


I feel like such a kid… 180 days in and 5days reading, not even a first birthday.


The magnitude of of what you have given to our community, and all the one on one help to anyone needing it - not to mention the creativity you display, means this would be a lesser place without your time!
Thank you Jules :bouquet::purple_heart:


Oh squeeee, I got a little bouquet…thank you. :hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog:
(Full body blushing again…you’re such a complete sweetheart!) :smile:


You deserve a real one - on a regular basis!


I’ve completely lost my train of thought now…and I was in the middle of writing up a tutorial! :rofl:

You guys are worth it though - couldn’t have found a better batch of folks to land in. :wink: