Thanks to my husband!

My husband has always been a grouch about St.Patrick’s Day being not Celtic enough and too Christian. (I used to just wear orange and smile.). so when I made the first shamrock, he asked for one with Celtic knot designs. The second is what he got. (Thanks to the cat, it’s missing a piece). All the designs are from GF Premium .


That’s a beautiful result! And I agree with him… I have a preference for the Celtic designs. :shamrock: (Don’t tell my big Irish Catholic family)


Looks great


I had an Irish teacher for history in high school. My older brother had had him as well, and my brother told me to wear orange on St. Patrick’s Day. As my teacher was a jerk, I did. My teacher knew exactly who had told me to wear orange and gave me an F on my homework that day, even though I would have had an A. It was worth it just because of who he was. He never let me forget it, so I was actually surprised he gave me a passing grade for the semester.


Amazing. If any of my teachers or profs noticed only one history prof mentioned it.


Gorgeous design! Is it a suncatcher?

This looks really cool! I love the detail

i suppose it could be, but my husband wanted it in green and gold so the gold is mirror acrylic and not translucent, and neither are the triskeles.