Thanks Uncle Mike

About 20 years ago my uncle Mike gave everyone a piece of scroll saw art he hand made. Tonight I took this photo of the one he gave me…

I then brought it into Inkscape and image traced it. After a bit of node clean up, now I have two…

Thanks uncle Mike and Glowforge!


What a nice tribute to your uncle’s work. :hearts:


Wow, the original is awesome! How great that you could make a copy! :grinning:

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Need to follow the scroll saw rabbit hole!

Scroll saw art without the saw dust

Lots of scroll saw patterns out there. They almost all make for good lasering. I tell my students who are wondering how to get started but aren’t desingers, to look into scroll saw designs. Online ones often come in SVG, but even books/paper can be PDFed/photocopied and run into the GF for cutting.

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