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We finally get to tell you who’s making your Glowforge! We’ve been working together with Flex for more than a year, so we’re delighted to be able to share the news about our collaboration. Flex is an amazing partner, and we’re really happy that your Glowforge will be made by one of the very best manufacturers in the world - a Fortune Global 500 company that makes many of the coolest technology products you find in your home.

I mentioned earlier this month that I’ll have a schedule update coming shortly - that should come out before Friday next week, so stay tuned.


Glowforge Begins Shipping Pre-Release 3D Laser Printers Manufactured by Flex

SEATTLE, Wash., November 23, 2016 — Glowforge, creator of the 3D laser printer that broke crowdfunding records last fall, today announced that it is beginning to ship pre-release units. The Company also announced that Flex – the Sketch-to-Scale solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world - is manufacturing its product in Milpitas, CA.

Glowforge has been working with beta customers to improve and refine the product in preparation for mass production. Early units have performed thousands of prints, resulting in products that range from 3D papercut holiday cards, to architectural models, to custom hardwood-link watch bands. Their feedback has allowed the Glowforge team to make improvements ranging from faster printing to higher resolution for its more than ten thousand pre-order customers.

“Having a Glowforge at my fingertips made me look at everything just a little differently as my mind worked to figure out how I could make it myself and customize it at the same time,” said beta user Jan Martinell. “I’m barely done with one project before I’m thinking about the next.”

“Working with a Glowforge has been satisfying, confidence building, motivating, and a revelation creatively,” said beta user Ryan Milles. “I now have the ability to take an idea from a file to an actuality. This machine is a true creative tool for fresh, new ideas and unlocks imaginative creativity and expression.”

“Probably my favorite thing about the Glowforge is that it can turn an idea into actuality in less than an hour,” said beta user Nyomi Lei, “I had an idea to create a wacky present for a friend, and between my husband and I, we turned a photo into an etched picture, and designed a frame, all within an hour’s effort. That’s amazing.”

Pre-release Glowforge deliveries are headed to multiple cities around the U.S. over the coming weeks. Shipments also include a $150 pack of Proofgrade™ hardwood and other assorted materials, designed by Glowforge for optimal printing results.

Flex, the Fortune Global 500 manufacturer, was selected to mass produce Glowforge 3D laser printers based on their unparalleled reputation for quality. “Our top priority has always been delivering a safe, high quality product that works every time. After considering manufacturers large and small, we concluded that Flex’s expertise and high-standards would let us build a vastly better product than we could with any other partner,” said Dan Shapiro, Glowforge CEO and co-founder.

Mike Dennison, president of the Consumer Technologies Group at Flex said, “We are delighted to have been selected by the Glowforge team and are thrilled to provide innovative supply chain and manufacturing solutions for their iconic 3D laser printer.”

Glowforge plans to start large-scale deliveries in December, and will update their schedule forecast at the end of the month after reviewing final results from beta and pre-release customers.


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