Thanksgiving update


Exciting update!!! The announcement of partnering with FLEX shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m certain others can state it more eloquently but partnering with a strong company with proven track records of best in class performance in innovation, production and delivery brings an additional layer of validity and passion to everything we have already heard. Thank you Glowforge team!!!


Great update!


Just trying to get it straight in my head the different units :slight_smile: Am I correct in thinking:

Beta units = Units that are sent out to beta users to test and give feedback
Pre-release units = Units from the crowd funding campaign period (this is just an assumption)
Final release = The units ordered after the crowd funding campaign

(this is PURE speculation haha)


Ha! Thanks… although let it be said I rather appreciated your attempt to get us into the Martinelli fortune!


No - the Pre-Release units are also going to people who signed up for Beta Testing. (Dan explained it a while back.)

The Crowdfunded units will be Production Models.


Not exactly. Dan made an announcement last month in which he stated that pre-release units would be sent out to people that signed up for beta tests at the end of November. This is essentially the final round of beta tests, but these would be the people’s final unit assuming that nothing bad happened. Then comes the December mass-release to all people who ordered before the 10/25/15 deadline. And “Final” release would be the ones that go out by end of March.


Ah, yes, that makes sense. Just got a little confused. Ha-ha. Thanks guys!


Awesome news @dan. Are the shipments going to include the air filters or are those delayed till some point next year? Can’t wait to start playing with my GF once it arrives.

Happy Thanksgiving


Well I guess its time to use this.
:squee: :squeee: :squeeee::squee: :squeee: :squeeee::squee: :squeee: :squeeee::squee: :squeee: :squeeee::squee: :squeee: :squeeee::squee: :squeee: :squeeee::squee: :squeee: :squeeee:

This is great news! So excited about this!


Awwwww, man, you beat me to it–was planning on a massive line of squeeees. :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


YES! So thankful for the news.


The last nail in the “vaporware” coffin.
This just got real. :sunglasses:

Thank you Dan, and salute to the team that made this happen!
My favorite team of makers! :heart_eyes:


I had about 5 times as many, then thought better of it. :wink:


Just so I don’t get my hopes up… The only real news is that Glowforge is working with Flex, and we will find out about shipping in a week. This can still miss shipping deadlines, right?


amazing news, at a great time. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Technically correct, but the finished product is so close that any slippage won’t be in 6 month chunks!


I love to get news like this. Great to know things are going smoothly. :sweat_smile:


Oh this was a wonderful thing to read on an otherwise stressful day!


At least there is confirmation about the pre-release units shipping. As I understand it, there are some customers that are going to get multiple units. I wonder it it’s like a review screening of a book or movie. I would guess that the embargo on the spread of information will be removed. Perhaps like review copies.

No, I won’t be getting one in the next week or so. I do expect to see confirmation that the product meets or exceeds expectations from others; or I may just learn that some of the initially marketed capabilities are still a work in progress.


Very awesome news. I look forward to the schedule update next week!