Thanksgiving update


I realy hope the glowforge will be deliverd in march or even better earlier :slight_smile: a bit worried.


(In no way meant as a political statement but highlights the futility of parsing the language. Still, Thursday is also my bet.)


So I guess we can assume that there is not going to be a Glowforge under the Christmas Tree. Will we be getting individual emails letting us know when to take delivery?


Who in the world would put their Glowforge under the tree and not immediately to use?


I’m pretty sure Santa would leave mine under the tree. He wouldn’t just drop it without wrapping it and hiding it behind the tree (traditional spot for the big gifts in my family) :santa:



Milpitas? Awesome. I am right next door in San Jose. I can save you the shipping time and pick mine up… :wink:
Thank you for the update.


And the tree is made of pine, which of course is laserable, so whether the tree will survive the arrival of the GF is of course in question…


I’m in San Jose too. We could both pick it up if they are actually being made there. We look like candidates for a South Bay user group. - Rich :glowforge:


Sounds like a plan.
Any other bay area Glowforgers on here?



There are lots of them, not all are individuals. Go :glowforge: - Rich


If you immediately begin catering to the Glowforge’s needs it’ll control you. I’m going to make my Glowforge sit in a corner for a few days so that it knows who’s boss. I learned from the mistakes of having kids. Time to do this one right.


You have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek…right? Don’t you? Go :glowforge: - Rich


At least you are all in the same country over the period it might arrive.
I’m leaving for UK for 8 weeks from the middle of December till February.
Fortunately, I’ll be so busy, I may not notice the delay…or perhaps not !


I would flight to Seattle and pick it up. That is how exciting it is.

Might even offer to take some of the team out to Portage Bay Cafe for some nibbles. They have an amazing Breakfast.


Unfortunately none of the Glowforge are in Seattle, nor are anyone able to directly pick up the Glowforge (in California).


You might wait nearly as long for breakfast at Portage Bay as you did for the glowforge, but the toppings bar is worth it! :slight_smile:


Amen to that - it’s wonderful and worth the wait!


The CEO that never sleeps! Working 24-7 to get our amazing Glowforges out.


He does seem to appear at all hours, a reflection I think of problems/tasks that require his attention.
It is my perception that when he is around the forum during working hours, things are progressing well. When he is posting at 3AM, he has been addressing issues that may impact the schedule.
Being the face of the company, it is his position to receive whatever comes, either accolades or rotten tomatoes.
From my experience here for a year now, a company would look long and hard to find a better front man.