Thanksgiving update


@dan: Can we see @nyomi.lei’s photo engrave by any chance?

That is something I have been eager to see the workflow for.


these make me think of the old time-motion studies that my old boss watched, which ultimately resulted in him moving the trash can several feet.


The team asked me for an extra day.

No, it would be:
Beta units: design changes expected
Pre-release units: manufacturing changes expected (e.g. some parts switching from low-volume to high-volume suppliers)
Final release: It’s shipping in volume, no changes expected

Everyone will wind up with a final release unit.

I’ll have a shipping update for you at the end of next week.

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Just so I don’t get my hopes up… The only real news is that Glowforge is working with Flex, and we will find out about shipping in a week. [/quote]


We’re planning on only one prerelease unit per customer.

Correct - these, unlike beta units, do not come with NDAs. (We may still have some beta customers added with NDAs though).


Thanks for the clarification Dan! As always we’re cheering you guys on!


Thanks. I was reading high volume suppliers as high volume customers. No wonder I couldn’t find it in an old topic.


Don’t think this can be interpreted any way other than… even the pre-release units will eventually be replaced with final release units. Sure makes that decision painless for those offered. Heck, even the Pro buyer would benefit by receiving a pre-release unit if the Pros were for some reason delayed.


This news makes me beyond excited, despite having a Glowforge within a few feet of where I am sitting.
I want my own!


Edging and polishing soap was a job.

Those videos are somehow a bit mesmerizing to me. Having that job, though, of watching for wasted motions and what have you might get to be pretty mind numbing.

It’s a little different, but it reminded me of this movie:


very familiar with lean and six sigma :frowning:


@dan You mentioned pre-release shipping to the US, what about international orders?


Careful! I detect a trace of enthusiasm creeping into your discourse. :wink:


Thanks Dan, good work!
Show me it’s worth to wait.
King from Hong Kong


Can’t wait!! Since Australia is further away can you ship ours first :wink: ?


Here’s hoping that they get the “This End Up” label correct for y’all.


…we need Southern Hemisphere ones…


We won’t be shipping pre-release units overseas, I’m sorry to say.


Your team is funny :grinning:


Not sure how that can be accomplished in only a couple/few weeks. :slightly_frowning_face:


@dan please keep us up to date on the international shipping schedule where it differs from the US.


OMG!!! This is amazing! I can’t believe it.

Waiting for my christmas present :heart_eyes: :evergreen_tree: