Thanksgiving update


@dan what about orders to Hawaii?


What about orders to Hawaii? It’s not international but it is over the ocean. Pre-orders??? I believe for the ones who pre ordered during the crowdfunding that live over seas should be compensated with something extra like a free upgrade to pro for the forced wait.



What a day to not be checking in here throughout the day!

Next level of antici…pation = UNLOCKED!

Now I’m extra extra glad that I live on the west coast!


Ok, I must have been on right before this popped. Thanks for the update…squee rising… :squeeee:


Hopefully next weeks update will clarify the shipping confusion (beta, pre-release, final…) and also a clear idea for those international expecting their Glowforge (having ordered before the crowd funding campaign) if this will still be on track of the December shipments… Having mixed emotions at this stage!


Really great news, thanks!


Crazy excited to have this announcement. I am looking forward to the shipping update. Totally love the reaction of @jamingaroutte

I am sure that there are tons of others that are having the same reaction. :fearful:

For all those that are just tuning in… There really are so many great resources on the forum. We really have an amazing community! :grinning:

Thanks @Dan and the team for all that you do, and thanks to so many here on the forum that have helped me to be more prepared for my Glowforge to arrive. I still don’t feel all the way prepared but I am Super excited for my Glowforge to be on its way soon! :squeeee::squeee::squee:


Congrats to your great team effort! Finally, the dead horse beatings should end. Yay!



@dan Incredible news!!! This day couldn’t possibly get any better! Thanks!

Just one question though … for those like me who ordered during the crowdfunding but live outside the US will we be still receiving the GF in December-ish??


Such ebullience, calm down young man!


I’m glad to read that these will be assembled in the U.S.

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To @dan and all the Glowforge team…

You’ve given me a lot to be thankful for this year….(over and above the many blessings of my loved ones and friends, old and new.) Getting there is more than half the fun, and this year has been a blast!

So thanks to all of you, and please take a few days off to be with your families…eat a lot, sleep in late, and do NOT think about lasers.

Same for all my new friends here…hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love and satisfaction. (And pie.):wink:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Canada’s not technically overseas :wink:…right?


I mean, I could technically walk to the Glowforge offices… It would just take months :wink:


Living the dream. . . :wink:


So this means we should all be re-checking that item on paperwork required to operate a laser in various jurisdictions…


Thanks for the update, Dan–this was wonderful for me to wake up to on Thanksgiving morning! I’m very much looking forward to the update by Friday, and hoping you and your family get at least one very relaxing, joyful day in this time of coming madness for you. You’ve certainly earned all four days of the holiday weekend, but as a startupper, I know you’ll be Doing Stuff for quite a bit of that time. You’ve really gone above and beyond to make Glowforge a reality, and you and your team are part of what I’m grateful for this year.__


Amen and amen.