Thanksgiving update


If so please step away again and I’ll see if a Glowforge shows up on my doorstep. :wink:


No need to apologize,I will try my best to express myself and my questions
My question is I order my GF during the crowd funding campaign (Oct 18, 2015 9:48 AM) in Taiwan.
I know that there are not many orders in here or maybe in Asia.
But I still hope that you can tell us about what’s your plan to ship our GF precisely?


We will have an update for you at the end of next week.


Good to hear it
Thank you for trying to let me know in different languages~XD


Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to create


Will a signature be required at time of delivery?


I really wouldn’t want my 'forge left on the porch!
I’m retired so I will be here to inspect/receive/hug/squee.


Me too… you on Oahu?


hope you guys are happy with surprise guests, it’s been snowing up here…


I came from Taiwan, but I live in California now.


When will the update to the update be updated? :slight_smile:



ijaywu glowforge@discoursemail.com於 2016年11月27日 週日,上午11:24寫道:


How about rest of the world? :slight_smile:


Pre-release is US only, I believe he said.


Yeah, unfortunately for the international customers, he did say all the pre-releases would go to beta applicants in the US. (And I’m assuming continental.) Logistics.

Probably the closer you are to CA, the better your chances, so enjoy it!, you lucky devils who get them!




This is phenomenal! I can’t wait!


I know that, and i’m one of them.LOL
I’m the one who post a Facebook group
I can’t reach the other two because they left no information on the map


Looks like I will be checking the Announcements category religiously this week. Thanks for the update, and just thought I’d mention that I’m less than two hours from Flex’s Milpitas location… Just saying…


I’m just picturing a bunch of Glowforgers peaking in the windows at Flex.

"Hey guys, those Glowforge guys are back again. "
“I guess its my turn to shoo them off.”