That's no moon—it's an Eclipse Viewer!


I think it’s safe to say my son will have the coolest pinhole viewer at school for the eclipse. Made a few small pokéball viewers too.


OK you win.

I’ve made a short stack of cash on pinhole viewers and am up to 45 printed.

Yours are better.
Lots better.


I LOVE your death star.


Cash is certainly better. I didn’t think of doing this sooner or I would’ve printed more to sell.


You sir, just won the eclipse with that death star.


Wow! That casts the coolest shadow–well done!


Yeah, that’s a winner! :smile:


Mind if I ask how much you were selling them for? I wish I had mine, because I’d have done the same thing. Well, that is of course if it wasn’t the same day my ship is pulling in. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m happier that my deployment is over vice lasing anything tbh. :smiley: :wink:


Yes!! Love it!

Wish more kids would use these as opposed to using the glasses…the glasses are made for adults and alot of kids may have issues with the sun peaking around the sides and harming their eyes…:disappointed:


Couple bucks. A few people paid more and that’s cool. It’ll provide for a trip to the material suppliers.


Ha! Great ideas. I am sure kids of all ages will love them!


Yeah, when my son brought home the paper to sign so he could go outside and use their glasses I got really nervous. What if they bought the wrong kind of glasses? What if he gets an itch on his nose and bumps his glasses off while staring at the sun? What if the kid next to him tries to be funny and rips them off his face while he’s looking? What if?! What if?! WHAT IF!? (being a parent is stressful… especially when you have a personality like mine whose greatest fear is the completely improbable).

I figured if I showed him how this works at home, he’ll be outside and can use this instead (at least up until the sun’s mostly covered so he doesn’t stare longer than he needs to)—and if it looked like something awesome he’d be more inclined to use it anyway. I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s got smart teachers and he’s a smart kid… (But still, WHAT IF?!)

Oh, and @cmreeder. UPDATE: As soon as I posted this to my Facebook I had several people begging me to make them some, insisting on paying me for it. The pokéballs worked out great because they’re so small I could quickly make some extras, but I couldn’t bring myself to take their money because they were so little (about the size of a nickel or a quarter).


As I do not have my Glowforge yet, I 3d printed one from here:

NASA Eclipse 2017 Pin-hole Projector

You’re coming home tomorrow?
That’s better than a laser.
Thank you for serving and welcome home.


Thank you. I’ll have to agree with you on that one! Happy to serve. :wink:


That’s awesome!