The 3rd Glowforge is a KEEPER - aka Baby steps (3 of Unknown Sword Pleasures)


So I’ve been mining my old Illustrator projects to find things to laser, so I tried out one of them that combines two things I love, Tarot cards and the band Joy Division.

The finer lines disintegrate if i brush them with my hand, so that lesson’s learned!

I still want to engrave this on leather for a wallet, though.


Oh that is really cool! I’m so glad your machine is working well!


That looks really cool! That detail is so fine! :star_struck:

Sorry if I missed it elsewhere, but does this mean your third machine showed up in good shape? That would be excellent news :grinning:


Ha! I had the exact same thought - then I noticed the title. :slight_smile:


Very nice! I’m glad you finally got a keeper. Can’t imagine how frustrating that was. Simply not having one year is bad enough. That would be like the worst teasing ever! :crazy_face:


I could have sworn that wasn’t the title when I commented :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I edited the title to alleviate confusion! YES!
(Sorry, I’m awkward at announcements.)


Congrats on your keeper!!


Looks like a great first project! Glad they came through for you again. That will make a lovely wallet. :grinning:


Awesome project!


Nice! (And there may be a chance to keep that fine detail if you play with the engraving power/speed)


Love your hair and your fine taste in music


Grats, I feel for ya as a fellow 3rd owner.

And off topic your hair color is exactly what I have made all characters in every video game that allows the option. Best color there is.


Happy for you man, it was all ‘A Means to an End



I took my Illustrator file (which was many layers of solid fills) rasterized it, then ran it through Image Trace (using a tweaked version of the “Line art” preset,) then set all the strokes to Score… MUCH cleaner and more durable in acrylic!


And looking better IMHO :sunglasses:


That came out fantastic! :smiley:


Absolutely agreed.