The abosolute height of #&@^$%! irony

So my Glowforge gets delivered. Yeah! Nice sturdy box, no dings or tears and all of the PG materials. All is good right? And I can start making all of the wonderful things I see in the projects forum and more, right?

Ah-ha! Wrong you are moosebreath. We have been moving toward getting our house remodeled and finally pulled the trigger. And the GF has taken soooooo long to get to me that my shop, (you know, the one that had that special place all set up for the 'forge for years…), is now filled with everything that was in the part of the house getting remodeled so nowhere to place it! Sigh…

So there it sits in its nice sturdy box with no dings or tears for the next few months at least until the house is done and the shop is once more free to receive new additions. Ya win a few, ya lose a few. At least it is sitting here with me and I can go over and pat the box once in awhile…

OK, back to the projects forum.


I have room for it in my garage!!! :slight_smile: Bet you could find a home for it somewhere. The only problem would be getting it back in a few months!!! You are going to love it!


I would recommend setting it up on the kitchen counter or someplace to go through setup and make sure it comes on, etc. Don’t cut anything necessarily. That way if it needs to be returned and takes another several weeks, at least you have a known working unit when your renovation is done.


… or get a rolling workbench so you can use it but move it out of the way when not needed.

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yes, definitely do that! GF doesn’t mind replacing a unit that was damaged during transport, as they are insured for that. but if you come back 6 months later they might start asking if it was a user error…


I agree you never know what support will do, but one benefit of the cloud is that they know exactly how much it has, or hasn’t, been used. Of course, I would turn it on just to make sure it works.


Wow, great suggestion about turning it on, thanks rpratt. I will do just that and not really cut anything, just make sure that the unit itself is undamaged and that it goes through its warm up and set up just fine. At the very least I will be able to see what it looks like out of the box!

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it.

Let’s form a club! I moved to a new house late last year and received my Forge during the holidays. Between being sick too many times, ongoing general unpacking, work, and family stuff all my shop-setup activities were back-burnered; no choice. When I got rolling again in early Jan I decided it was either try to learn the Forging in a chaotic mess (bad idea) or get organized. Chose the later, ordered a huge pile of 2x4s and plywood and have been building workshop tables and storage shelves every weekend for the last two months (with breaks for plowing snow and, yes, being sick again).

And poor UrForge? It printed a ruler and engraved a couple slate coasters with a doodle. Pathetic.

I’m in the home stretch; only need another weekend to finish the last basement storage shelf which will empty the UrForge shop down there, and then a worktable for the shop itself. Beginning of March, tops.

So don’t despair! You’re not alone! You’ll be glad you didn’t try to juggle too much or risk the Forge getting injured because of the renovations. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself to believe.

So what should we call the club?


Let’s see hmmmmmmm

I am thinking the ‘One step forward and two steps back’ club or maybe the ‘Hurry up and wait club’ or the ‘Oh my gosh I can’t believe I waited two years for this thing and now I don’t have anywhere to put it club’ Nah, it would be hard to fit that on a tee shirt, and I mean what would the logo even look like???

One feels better when one knows he is not alone…

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I agree, we need something snappy. The T-shirts have to be impressive… Maybe something more oriented on our final state, rather than our current dilemma. Like the ‘It took us long enough’ club, or the ‘You think GlowForge took a long time…’ club, with a laughing/crying face. (admission: none of that is snappy. I’m a terrible marketer…)

For the logo, I’m feeling inspired by the myth of Tantalus. Some kind “just out of reach” imagery… like a dog on a chain wrapped twice around a tree, with a bone inches from his nose…

OK, back to building the shelves…