The Battle Rages On


one method Iheard about was taking fresh eggs, dunk them in parrafin making sure to completely coat the shell. supposedly the eggs will keep for nearly forever in a cool place.


don’t forget to make some little glowforge flags for the eggs :slight_smile:

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All you need to use is a thin film of mineral oil. (They last for months.)


that is really slick! sure if you want to toss out the SVG I’ll sure be happy. Along with a few others I’d imagine. Safe travels!




I’ll be sure to drop this in - as well as some that I did for a t-Shirt drawer. Probably will be middle / late next week.


That’s why the food was good. They tried everything to make up for being in your own little world. Unlimited power helped too (although the carriers had that too…we really need pocket reactors).


Yeah, I was fortunate to serve aboard Enterprise, the first nuclear powered carrier. We didn’t have “water hours”, life on the old oil burners was very different…

Yep, the fact that a ship that size routinely outrun her escorts (fast enough to waterski behind), and sail at flank speed for years without refueling gave me a new perspective on nuclear power.


I like this. I would make some for ourselves because I like them - but cans don’t last that long in our house!

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Hanging out with many in the long term sailing crowd the paraffin egg trick was commonplace. For myself I kept cans of golden mushroom soup, dried grains like barley or oats, a sack of onions, cans of sweetened condensed milk, and plenty of fresh water .

The onions would last for months, and the rest nearly forever, so all I had to do to go sailing for a week or more was to get aboard and go. Clothes were not an issue as we rarely wore any more than a swim suit. As for meat and vegetables (and key limes) I was able to forage a wide variety that would go into a stew for variety that could be as thick or thin as success would allow.

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I vacuum seal meat. Ate steaks from 2014 the other day. If the bag gets damaged and freezer burned, it becomes part of the next batch of supplement food we give to our dog Lucy…

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And never feed him after midnight!!!


They sell that for extra and call it freeze dried.


I have spoken with many folk who have lived in rural Mexico where a high tech stove was nichrome wire nailed to a brick and a refrigerator or freezer imaginary at best. So when you killed a large animal you would dry the meat in the sun and store it in a pile like so much firewood until time to eat it at which time it would be soaked in what passed as marinade and cooked as Carne Seca.

You could find real Carne Seca in Arizona but I have never seen it east of the Mississippi River. I did find a very traditional Mexican restaurant and inquired of the owner why with everything else so authentic, that one thing was missing. He explained the he had indeed grown up in Rural Mexico and knew precisely what I was talking about but that any food inspectors would shut him down in an instant if it was even in a bag in the freezer, so he had to make do.

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These are so cool!! what did you use to design them?

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Very old version of Illustrator. (I like to do things the hard way.) :smile:


Eggs come out of the chicken with a membrane on them that, in the US, we promptly wash off. That’s why they have to be refrigerated here but many other countries leave them out at room temperature.


Fun fact. Soda doesn’t explode out of a can if you give it even 15 seconds after shaking it up. I used to use this all the time as a kid to pretend I had miracle soda calming powers. Shake the bejesus out of it and then give a short speech about how you can will the bubbles into submission, and when you open it, everyone expects a fizzy disaster but nothing will happen. I think I got this one from Penn and Teller.


Heck, guess I need to design one for soda cans then. :smile: