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I’m afraid to update my WiFi (which, by the way, is working fine for me right now). A year to two ago I bought a fancy Netgear router, just because my current router is getting pretty old (I’m thinking at least 10, maybe 15 years old) and I was afraid it would fail soon. I had nothing but trouble with that Netgear router and I finally gave up and sent it back.

My current router is still the old one: an Apple Time Capsule (although I’m not using it for Time Machine backups any more; I have an external hard drive for that). In your experience, is the Eero as good with Mac systems?

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Seems to be the best price on that ever offered at amazon. That being said, a low price is not always an indicator of a good deal – makes you wonder if is this the old model that is no longer being made or something? Most electronics trend downward during their lifetimes… Hmm supports wireless AC but no mention of AX, so it’s still pretty current but not as future proof as it could be.

I’ll probably pass on it but I’m still thinking.


two words: MAC GEEK


This is their top of the line system (OK, bottom of the top of the line)
and use it and LOVE IT

I have like 83 devices hanging off my wifi, and needed as Much power as possible
my house is 2400SqFt the eero covers the whole area (and back yard) really well.


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Great to know. I decided to jump on it, thanks for the heads up. I’ll be picking your brain if I need help with setup!

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I thought I was the only one still using the AirPort Time Capsule (released 2008 and discontinued in 2018). If it isn’t broke…

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Of course!



We have Verizon for our phones, and this summer upgraded from our local wifi that we had through our electric company (and we’d had a fiber optic company before them), to a new Verizon wifi. It’s just a little 6" square unit that plugs into the regular outlet and it has been working tremendously well. We use it for everything from our phones to our televisions (we don’t have satellite or cable, just Roku tvs and antenna) and, of course, my Glowforge. It has been a lot more reliable than the modems we’ve had from other companies, since because it uses the Verizon network, I don’t have to worry about it. Since we got it in July, I’ve had to “unplug and plug back in” twice to reset it, which was much easier than our other modems we had.

You’re not the only one, but mine is starting to give me problems, so…

So, for the house and yard I’m running an asus rog ax11000 with a single mesh node in the kitchen to cover the yard.

The gf sits on its own private network supplied by an old apple time machine with a 3tb hard drive. Which is odd cause I would have sworn they only went to 2tb.

Nah, my Time Capsule (the one that JUST died) was a 3TB… Rest in peace, little buddy. You see red me well.

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83?! Woah! Sounds like everything but the kitchen sink is digitized at your home (or maybe that is too?)! :smiley:

LOL, well… Yes it is!
(actually under the kitchen sink the leak detector is wifi)

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Ha! :joy: Too funny ~ and impressive!

Well, it took 3 days, but I finally got all of my devices connected, up and running. Not a bad package, thanks for the tip! (Now to finish naming all of them in the app…) :wink:

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