The Box Party Started. I was late

I know a lot of you have been making boxes for ages so I’m way behind the curve, but I thought I’d give it a shot!

For several years I’ve been collecting the “print job reject” paper from my work (I leave a box next to the printer), cutting it into quarters, and clamping/gluing the top to make recycled notepads. The glue/clamp part is a pain. Today I was at home looking at the pile of uncut paper and wondered if there was a better solution. YES! Make a dispenser box the size of the paper so I don’t have to glue it!
Banana for scale…plus a mallet because those tabs were pretty tight!


Nicely done! :smile:
(And it’s time for lunch.)

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Great box and very resourceful.

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Nice. How did you make it?

Excellent job!

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Good job…bana nana fo fana…:sunglasses:


Nice to be able to recycle!