The Brain/Eye Barrier (AKA: Wishful Thinking)


So allow me to start by saying that, being my age, I wear glasses to read many things. And… I should. I have 5.7" screen on my phone and that usually does the trick. But tonight… when I saw the notification on my phone… I got super excited! It said “Dan is sending you a GF!” I re-read and that’s what it said! So I quickly pressed the notification so I could read the message! It was some stupid Facebook spam message with an American flag / candle picture from some guy named Dan something or other. SUCH a let-down! I re-read the notification. It actually said “Dan is sending you a GIF.”




Be still your beating heart.

May that be real to you sooner than later. :glowforge:


8 days to my birthday. Just sayin’. In case the Glowforge gods are listening. :wink:


Have to laugh-- a couple of days ago Rita liked one of my posts, so Discourse of course send me an email saying Rita at Glowforge had sent me a message.

For one brief shining moment :grinning: then reality mode kicked in :cry:


LOL! Yep! Pretty much the same thing!


Well congrats, mine is 7 days from today so I want MINE 1st…



That’s hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time! One of these days, man, one of these days…


Is it really?! Oh, fine… Go ahead… Take my imaginary Glowforge first then. :slight_smile:


I’d be happy on 31 March to receive a Glowforge birthday greeting.


My birthday is in January. Kind of hope it arrives before then. :sweat:


Our birthdays just might be the same day? I’m on the 30th. Also would love a surprise early email saying my gf was on its way.


I’m first week of February… don’t mind waiting till just after the January peeps.


I’m the 29th. So many Q1 birthdays in here it seems!


And I’m the 28th! :slight_smile: Happy birthday all! :slight_smile:


It was do to people needing consoling and comfort after having to do their taxes in the previous April…:open_mouth: