The camera didn’t take a picture error

I’ve followed all the steps and still getting this issue. The website recommends checking the white cable, but it seems support In this forum keeps identifying the issue as the black cable for other people. I’ve ordered a black cable, but now I’m reading in the forums it’s back ordered? I didn’t see a back order tag on anything, it allowed me to place the order, including an exorbitant $25 to ship, and just never provided an estimated date or anything.

This is the second time I’ve needed to use my gf to make something to sell, and it unexpectedly goes down. It’s built like the old joke. The moment the warranty expires, everything starts to fall apart. I’ve yet to make my investment back on it and if this $50 cable doesn’t fix it, I’m over it.

Does anyone know of these are back ordered as of Jan 2022? Did it end up fixing the issue for most people? I need it to work or buy something else.

I ordered the black lid cable recently and received it quickly. If your order is accepted, it is not back ordered.

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Thank you! Did it fix your issue?

Yes it did.

That’s hopeful then. Was is the same problem? My lights work. It says lid open when I open the lid. It just will not calibrate since it can’t get passed the scan step. Just frustrating it’s my second cable in 60 days to go bad.

The lid cables fail after a certain amount of use. That is why they are available as spare parts to replace. You have been on the forum for many years so you are probably as familiar with the issue as I am.

My camera wont register as of this morning. I had a spare black cable and installed it with no luck. Unfortunately that is not always the easiest solution, although I wish it was! Still waiting for a response from Glowforge (other than an automated response)

You need to start your own thread for Support to address your issue.

Yes I was just acknowledging I had an identical issue and it’s not an isolated issue with the OP. Thank you for your suggestion to start a new thread.

The black lid cable is in stock right now. I really recommend always having a spare. It is well known to need replacement more often then any other part in the machine. IMO, its like having a spare tire. You dont have to have one but if you need one, its on the driver :slight_smile:

I usually clean the connection of the black cable before going all the way to the point of ordering a new one. I have never had one break on me. A simple cleaning up gets it back running for me. If you do a lot of cutting then you will have a lot more sappy/gunky residue in the machine. That can build up and not allow the cable the flex it needs.

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The cable is delicate and the sticky to hold it to the lid is very strong. I had to replace one and was amazed it worked after having to reseat the main clip and one at the side. It is entirely possible I think to break it while installing. If cleaning the clips can fix the problem, I will certainly try that first, and even now wish I had known to do that the last time. There are many folk who have gone many years with never having that problem, and I know that the one time the lid was opened too far was when I had the problem.


Hello! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.