The camera didn't take a picture, new cable didn't work

Has anyone else been able to fix this error? The first time this error happened to me, it was right after I cleaned my Glowforge with a Clorox. Support told me that my black cable was the problem sent me a new one. After installing it, I’m still receiving the same error.

Support my ticket is 326830

Posting here opens a duplicate ticket - which will slow down support’s response to you since they have to find/verify/close any duplicate tickets. You should respond to where ever you originally opened your ticket.


Yes I also responded to their original ticket. I was just wondering if any users have further insights on the issue

Ah, in that case I’ll move this to Everything Else so they know to auto-close the ticket. Next time you can just post to P&S and not send an email and then they’ll work with you here instead of auto-closing the duplicate.

I’m guessing they will have you recheck all of the cable connections. I started having this problem periodically a few weeks ago and swapped out my black cable to fix it.

As for cleaning, less is more. Spray the cloth and not the machine, keep the cloth barely damp but never wet. It’s slower but safer.

Hello @emly it was great getting to work with you in chat today. I will go ahead and close this thread to mitigate any confusion. Thank you!