The camera didn't take a picture, same issue

Same problem as everyone else right now it seems. I have been on queue in chat twice now. They kick me off when it’s my turn in queue. This has happened twice. On chat again now.

It seems that all the Topics created on have no solution posted.

Most of the time topics are closed because members posted here after sending an email to staff - and when there are two forms of conversation they’ll always close the forum post - which will also happen here if you get through on chat. Your getting kicked off makes me wonder if your ad blocker and or firewall is killing the pop-up that happens - worth turning them off/adding to the whitelist to see if that helps!

As you know from reading the other posts, there are a series of photographs they ask you to take to verify that your cable connections are good. Post those here and when a staff member arrives they’ll be able to respond immediately instead of waiting for the photos :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed it’s something easy!