The catalog is open to non owners really


Veneer will knock your socks off, Draftboard in the starter pack, and referrals…

Glowforge is a 3D laser printer: a new desktop tool that uses laser cutter/engraver technology to shape wood, leather, fabric & more at an amazing price.

This announcement in problems and support is great until you read the end and I can’t get access to the proof grade but others outside can that’s just wrong…

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What do you mean?

Edit: Oh, I read your post on the other thread. The “outside” people you’re talking about are directly connected with an already-received Glowforge. So they can actually use the materials… today. I’m certainly not going to invite you to use my Glowforge just so you can order materials. But since you don’t have a Glowforge, why order the materials? I suppose you can use them with some other tool, but you can probably find similar materials better-suited for those tools at possibly even a better price. These materials were all designed to be used on a Glowforge laser cutter. For something more generic, you’ll probably be better served ordering generic materials.

Funny how your perspective changes when you have a forge and access to everything. As some one who still hopes that he might get his magical forge in less than 1.5 months (right Dan!)- I might want to ramp up buying pg supplies over a couple pay checks. And plan out a couple of projects and learn the interface. Are we really adding to the load if the store will be open to all pre-orders in what 55± days?


you still can do the ramp up; you’re just forced to control your spending for the weeks instead of having glowforge do it for you.


Get outta here with that! :wink:

@ccox1 No idea of the amount you’re looking to spend overall, but orders over $100 ship free, so a larger order could save a few bucks if your orders would be under the threshold.

HI Tom_A,
If you order non proof grade then you have no official support and I am just thinking about the first glow party. I want material on hand. if the machine is delivered in 2 weeks like some others have reported then there is a possibility that the material I finally get access to comes after the machine.

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Sure! So you’ve got a couple of things…

  1. It comes with some. Not enough for a party, but enough to have a good time with some good friends.
  2. The :proofgrade: comes from… what is it… TX I think? I’ve gotten my orders in just a few days. So go shopping the day you get the e-mail, you’ll get the :proofgrade: several days before the 'forge itself. And then you’ll sit there and stare at it longingly like most of us did. Hold it… feel it… smell it… Trust me, you’re better off not having it now. :wink:

Truth is I’m just really excited and crazy impatient as I’ve been obsessing about this thing for almost two years. I got to touch and use one at last year’s ny world maker faire and was super impressed with a build quality that exceeded my expectations. I really hope the software matches the beautiful design/build. I’m tired of scraping the internet for every last photo/video studying every last detail for new clues. I read all the new forum post before I go to sleep and when I wake up. Sometimes I miss post because I read the new post so frequently that the tread doesn’t have a chance to grow. I ordered realitively late 10/21 - I’ve been obsessing for 685 days now. PLEASE HELP - someone please talk me down from the ledge. Someone please tell me with some real confidence that I will have one before November! :pray: I need a confidence booster.


I am so there with you. Jumping up and down.

I hope that I’m not telling you how you ( or @dpruitt) are feeling, but I’ll reiterate an old expression that explains a bit how I felt watching all of the machines going out and the cool things being made by those who have their machines already, after such a long wait:

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

A lot of things are like that… it’s always toughest just before fruition. Know that the Glowforge isn’t vaporware. It’s a real product. It’s in quite a few homes already. Forever units.

As long as the machine is set up for success via the hardware front, the software (what isn’t there), will come. Patience is going to be needed now and then after you receive it. I’m sure it will have some quirks - all software driven stuff does.

Want some fun reading?

Go back over this Version history of Android:

Or iOS:

The biggest limitations to making on this thing will be the individual… just like anything else. You’ll get out what you put in.


Sorry for the really late response but I’m still catching up from vacation.

A week after I said yes to send me my forge I ordered everything not shrink wrapped(which is the starter pack) It arrived in a week, which was also 1 day after the starter pack arrived. I did not see anything sold out nor did it appear there was any shortage so I would not worry about failure to be able to get materials.

I believe I could have received it quicker but I’m a cheapskate who took the free shipping option.