The Chapman 40-Cannon Swedish Frigate



This is fantastic! My Dad had half hulls and boat models all over the house when I was a kid. He would’ve loved this too.


Ohmygosh, this is amazing! Very well done!


That is just great! (And my husband is hunting buddies with a bunch of guys building a life sized one in an old barn - they’ve been working on it for the last 20 years or so. I think they’re about to that stage… there’s as much “drinking of mead” as there is actual construction.) :smile:


Is that the Chapman?
I had it on the plans to build but it fell off the map. That happens a lot.
Project focus is very hard with a Glowforge in the house.




Holy Cow!


Yes, it is, and that sucker takes a whole sheet of proofgrade. I have one siitting on my desk here.


Reminds me of the old Prairie Home Companion bit about the local KofC guys building an enormous duck decoy in the basement, figuring it would be easier to see from way up. A certain amount of drinking was involved & of course it was too big to get out of the basement. :rofl:


I made one too, found the plans on Obrary
(remember to cite your sources; the license for this requires attribution)

Not Spanish, though… the text on the stand translates roughly as “The Chapman 40-Cannon Swedish Frigate”