The circuit card in the back sparked

I was experiencing a whiteout look on the screen then had the centering issue like many before and like I have before on another machine. I changed the black lid cable due using the extra cable that came when this happened to our first Glowforge. At first, the right lid lights didn’t turn on so we realigned that connection. It turned on and the lights worked but it registered as the lid open. Then the circuit card where the big part of the cable connects on the back of the machine sparked and smoked a little bit. I’m hesitant to do anything now. I just took a picture - worried it fried itself somehow.

Hesitant is good. Wait to hear from a staff member before you do anything else. For now, shut down, unplug, and walk away. You will likely have to send your machine back so if your box is very buried it might be the time to start digging it out.

{Hugs} that bites.

UGH, thanks!

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Oh no! I’m terribly sorry to hear about the trouble with the board. I’ve just reached out by email with the next steps.

I’ll be watching for your reply there, so this post will be closed.