The Cloud Software, can we try it before December?

Would it be possible to try out the cloud software before the systems ship?

After seeing the remote usage of it, I really want to play around with it. Maybe even allow new owners to print a small area on some material that we all can fill up with our names or something just for fun.

Just once of course or we would never stop :smile:


Check out the thread that goes with that demo video (in the announcement section) there is talk on there about possibly doing beta software testing but I would say don’t count on it being released early.

As we’ve seen the hardware is fairly dialed in and will look like much of what it is in that video. The software is something that is being developed and there are a lot of requests for features. It looks like to me that the team will be up until 5am the night before launch, cramming to get it all working. The beauty of the cloud though is that they can update everyone simply so features can be added.

From my understanding there’s not a whole lot you could do with the software/plug-in unless you have a machine to print to, so there’s not much to beta test since it’s not a piece of design software more like a rip… And it seems very very simple from what I’ve seen.

Yeah I get that. I think the beta test would be to allow us access to the software and print on their Glowforge. Then maybe they would mail it to us. I guess I’m optimistic and it would be fun

I would like to use the software to obtain feedback on how it interprets various lines in my drawings. Cut lines versus engraving lines versus perforated lines (dashes, but of different sizes and possibly shapes.) I would not expect to be able to actually print something. Figuring out stuff like laser strength, print head speed and fiddling with the focus of the laser for my custom materials would obviously have to wait until my unit arrives.


Well in another thread someone asked about beta testing the software and Dan said good idea, so here is to hoping.

Plus good to stress their cloud with so many users from such a big success.

Honestly even if we sold 100,000 glowforges, that’s small potatoes for “stressing the cloud”, even if everyone used it at once. Our engineers hail from Google, Apple,, and other sites that see 100,000 people an hour. Or minute. Or second, for Google.


@dan I would love to be in the beta test for this. I have ended up at a number of jobs after volunteering to help with beta tests and moving on to work on them. Nothing is better than working on software that you use personally on a daily basis.

Please do a beta! I know you probably wont open source, but if you do, Ill be happy to help. Unless you are looking for any more UX/developers on your team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Click the careers link on the home page. I think they might be.

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Yes I´d like to test the software too… and as I am a Requirements Engineer and Software Architect in real life and LOVE crafting that might be a good combination for testing.

We ABSOLUTELY ARE hiring UX developers! Lots of other things too. Please take a look at and let us know if there’s something that catches your eye!

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I would just like to get my hands on the software to start designing things so that they are ready to go when my Glowforge gets here. But that’s just me. I’m a planner. :smiley:

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I run a Mac but tri-boot into Linux and Windows as well, and I also own two iPads, and my sons have Kindle Fires. I would love to be in on the beta test. I’m also an ex-network tech for the Army.

On another thread related to this same subject though, is there going to be a market place included in the software where people can design their own objects or slices to cut, and then upload them to the store, and Glowforge gets a small fee per item for allowing them for sale on the store? I would start uploading my designs right away if this were the case.

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Really great @dan that you gave perspective on cloud processing power. And I’d apply if I had any IT cred and weren’t in the Midwest kind of locked in to a contract.

You guy’s realize the software for the GF is not DESIGN software and will be very limited (think R.I.P.). You’ll need a program such as adobe AI, PS or similar to design in… Also you’ll be able to use original hand drawn art but will need the GF, scanner or camera to input then etch or cut. I’m speaking from 6+ yrs of experience manufacturing products and selling products using laser equipment…


Hiring UX? If we lived in Seattle and not LA, I’d make my wife work for you. :wink:

Definitely hiring UX designers! And we relocate. :slight_smile:

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She says you have her attention. Now I just have to convince her that the weather in Seattle is better than the weather on Venice Beach. :wink:

First let me preface this by saying I’ve never done any kind of design work. That being said and at the risk of sounding like an idiot, what is Adobe AI and PS? I would like to download something I can begin learning and playing around with. That way I can hopefully have some designs of my own to print by the time I get my unit. Can you suggest a program that would be user friendly for a noob to design? Thanks!

Adobe AI and PS are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Professional software at a professional price. They might offer an introductory free month or week. I don’t know. Illustrator is a vector drawing program. Basically it draws in lines and shapes. Photoshop is a pixel drawing/ manipulating program. For the glowforge you will be designing in both types of programs.

A free alternative to Illustrator is Inkscape and I think Gimp is the go-to free alternative for Photoshop.

As the glowforge will be able to scan from hand drawn work you can try just drawing your designs on.