The continuing tale of UrForge

I started writing a post to you all on Xmas Eve. It was my UNBOXING post. I was pretty excited about it. Here’s how I started it:

Some of you might remember with understandable confusion that I actually took possession of UrForge A Month Ago; actually a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Why, you deserve to demand, haven’t I set it up yet? Uncharacteristically short answer:

  • The day it arrived I contracted a massive cold that laid me up for over a week. Slept right through Thanksgiving. Total mess. Missed family parties. Couldn’t even think about The UrForge.
  • Spent a few days after that trying to get caught up at work from being sick.
  • Tried to start setting up and realized via a turn in the weather that the Garage Shop is WAY too cold for The UrForge (new house; foolishly optimistic; still unboxing stuff, cut me a break).
  • Started planning a new basement shop and dealing with a number of venting and logistical challenges.
  • Suddenly called out of the country to St. Lucia to drink colorful stuff with tiny parasols (Seriously, I was asked to be a last minute plus-one. What was I supposed to do???)
  • Spent a few days after that trying to get caught up at work from being St. Lucia’ed.
  • Did a frenzy of work getting the venting issues solved in the new shop; which brings us to today.

“Today”, again, was Xmas Eve. Got most of the way through setup, dealing with the only GlowForge-caused issue to date: a broken Lens Replacement tool: the magnetic ring was in pieces. I sent out a Helpdesk email and have since heard back that I have a credit on my account to order a replacement. HelpDesk Rocks!

So, you ask, where the heck is my picture of my Founders Ruler? Well…

XMas Eve activities got busy and I thought: it’s just me and my sweet wife hanging out together on Xmas, I’ll do the inaugural cut with her over our morning coffee! (can you feel the tension building?)

So I woke up Xmas morning to … an absolutely biblical case of Stomach Flu. People, it was AWFUL. No joke, I lost 4 pounds. My sweet wife was seriously considering calling an ambulance fearing dehydration. (Is this a great holiday story or what??)

Yesterday was officially a ‘work day’ which I managed to do from home. I was feeling much better but exactly at 5:00 PM I stumbled back to bed. No UrForge.

I’m in work today and feeling fine. After being literally incapacitated two holidays in a row, all planning to make the first cut an ‘event’ is out the window. If I feel ok tonight, I’m cutting that ruler. This coming weekend will be focused on Forging and some other Shop Setup. I’ll post pics of my venting arrangement in case there’s interest.

To everyone still waiting on their Forge, I hope yours comes soon and that you can dive right in to using it. I actually feel kinda bad that due to poor planning and cruel fate (and sure, St. Lucia) it’s taken me this long to get mine going. I hope to soon offer something useful to this community, apart from tragic tales, to make up for it.

To be continued…


Man, good luck with it…

Not going to be using mine for a while either. (Strep throat - picked up over holidays.) Sux to be sick. :anguished:


Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Rest up.


I hate it when that happens.


So sorry for the sicknesses, folks. Feel better soon!


My Daughter just endured a stomach something that had her throwing up for 2 days and dehydrated. Glad you are both feeling better!

Always wanted to add St. Lucia to my dive logs. How did you like the island?


I’m really glad she’s feeling better! Horrible while it lasts but seems to go away quickly, which is good.

St. Lucia was a blast. Very pretty. I’ll admit that, while I have done some diving in the past, I was a complete lump and just relaxed around the pool and beach. Literally switched off. I think if I go back (and I might) I would definitely get out on the water a bit more.

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