The Countdown Has Started!

Less than 24hrs to go until the Golden Ticket! It’s like Christmas all over again!!

We have waited almost 2 years to the day. Could it be real?!

Part of me is glad that we did not receive one of the first unites. Nothing like waiting all this time and then finding out it has an issue that has not been worked out. Or, that suppliers have provided parts that don’t work. Add to this the opportunity to learn from everyone ahead of us…

I was telling my dad the countdown had started and he kept trying to tell me it was a scam. I laughed. How could it be a scam if so many people are posting pictures and projects! Can’t wait to warm up the Might Forge and prove him wrong!

Updates to follow…


we got ours last week. we were not disappointed.



As someone in that boat, I was very worried as well. So far it has worked out quite well for me.

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Excellent. Your wait is about to pay off!
BTW, when you present your work to your Dad, be sure to mention that because of the wait you paid $2,000 less, and all it cost was your patience.



Overnight the Estimated Shipping Notification Date was moved to the 11th…

Deep breath…so…close…

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Hang in there… you’ll be so happy you did!


Mine came 4 weeks after I got the “golden ticket” email (email on Nov 29, delivered Dec 28).
Start reading the forums, watching youtube videos, learning the software and collecting materials now if you haven’t started already!

Use your Inventables coupon and place a PG order as soon as you have access to the shop. You’ll burn through those first materials in no time and waiting a whole week for more to be delivered after you get the GF is painful.

Oh, and it was worth the wait. It will take over your life.


It’s been a week for me since the “golden ticket” email. Three weeks to go I guess… I looked briefly at the material choices last week. I think it’s a great suggestion to buy loads more. There are sure to be some first tries that fail… more than once.

I started setting up colors and the template in Illustrator and right now drawing vectors for puzzle pieces. I found a puzzle piece creator online, but it just seemed too repetitive. Besides, I have three weeks to draw them. :grinning:

The Golden Ticket came last night!

Now to check out the store…

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