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Oh, no, she does that. Usually at 4 AM. And sometimes not so much kneading as sticking one claw into my ear lobe.


What kind of dog? I first pictured a Labrador trying to sit on your shoulder.


Well, I do have 2 Dobermans.

Thankfully it’s not them. It’s their little brother. (Miniature pinscher)


Awwwwwww, what a cutie! She looks a bit like our neighborhood rat terrier, Reese.


Man, those are some weird looking parrots, guys… :wink:


One of the ambiguities of the English language is the use of commas. Did you mean the comma to indicate that you were directing your comment to @curt and me or as a list of things that are weird looking? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ROFL! You and Curt. The commas just indicate a pause in my thought process…happens frequently. :smile:


more thoughts on home…




Love Larson’s comics.


As an owner of an extremely chill (and partially blind) cat who needs insulin injections 2x/day, blood pressure pills 2x/day and an allergy pill 1x/day, those instructions make me soooo glad he’s a good patient!


We had that with our 14 year old guy over Christmas. Turns out he had high blood pressure which caused detached retinas. Poor lil’ dude…


Good on you for taking that much trouble to keep him comfortable.


I can relate. I have confronted detached retina in both eyes during the last 2 years. One is largely fixed, second is on the mend. I have spent literally thousands of hours learning every aspect of eye biochemistry. My research has led to some very practical methods of controlling interoccular pressure, suppressing buildup of deposits on distressed retinas, opening little known outflow channels for the vitreous, reducing the viscosity of the vitreous gel so it will flow and remove blood, reversing VEGF and reversing it’s effects, many more. One obscure reference even offers hope that one day retinas can be reattached non surgically, by activating tractor proteins on the back side of the retina to pull it back into place.


Amber makes sure in the mornings and when she enters the living room that we are aware of her.

She knows that we will say something to her. That seems to be a consistent routine, which she follows up with snuggling up to me (and strangley just me) when I sit on the couch. Her normal spot for sleeping is at the end of the couch against a rolled afghan.

When she gets down, she will wander a bit to get her orientation of the room she is in. My wife covered a little step stool with foam and upholstery for her to get up and down on the couch. She uses that as her centering point for the room.


I know my place in the house hierarchy.
Cats (my wife’s babies, waaaay pre-dating me) > dogs > me. :smile:


So much going on in the forum, but I noted that I can’t put tags in the Free Laser Design topics. I am forever trying to find topics because the Topic name often has no relation to some of the most important features of the topics, so I put in an odd tag on a topic I know I’ll return to in addition to bookmarking them.

So on the parametric Openscad box recently posted, I thought it would be good to add the tag “openscad”.

So that’s my rant today.


That’s the view off our porch this week!!


I just noticed this last night when I was trying to post the Globe/Ball stand file. Anything I entered into the field, it just tried searching for those tags in other posts, but would not let me add them into my own post.