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Daily Rant: Really want to quit my job… sigh… I love what I do but management is getting really really bad - it’s like a zoo and the place is run by monkeys.


Should we ask which Dilbert or commercial you are stuck in today?

I must say I empathize. But stay strong, I’ll write you a glowforge sick excuse when yours arrives if you’ll write one for me?


Hahaha!!! Thanks for making me smile!

Yes - I will write your Glowforge Excuse any day!


We must work at the same office.


I empathize. I did quit my job at the first of this year. To say that monkeys were running the joint would be a huge compliment to them. It went way beyond illogical decision making and hectic timelines. The place became downright hostile and abusive, stemming from the two owners and the GM. The very people you should be able to approach with the issues were the cause of all of it.


Awwwww. You and @SunnyStarbucks need a puppy:


Aww thanks! What a cute puppy! hahaha!


Yesterday I had a great day all planned out around a doctor’s appointment in St. Louis. First I’d meet with the plastics guy who has the sweet deal on the 1/4" chemcast acrylic. About 88 cents a square foot! And to meet up again with @cynd11 and her husband to see another Glowforge. All things were wonderful. @cynd11 and her husband are true artisans at their crafts. She has some amazing projects in the works. And she provided a great lunch with Italian beef sandwiches, Texas caviar bean and corn salsa, and macedonia di frutta (strawberries, blueberries and mangos). And I got to see their beautiful kitties again.

I was on my way back home. Traffic slowed to a standstill where the highway narrows from six lanes to four lanes. It was totally stopped. Someone crashed into me. I’m fine but it was a substantial impact. Hoping the frame is not damaged.

The acrylic was in the trunk. I was able to get it out through the drop down back seats. It was not damaged. Not exactly the distraction I needed this week as I prepare for Maker Faire. I was able to drive and and was not injured, nor was the other driver. Insurance is kicking in and doing its job.

Minor hiccup.


Sorry to hear about that. Glad you are OK.


Glad to hear you are uninjured. :thumbsup:


Oh no! Hope that doesn’t interfere with your Faire planning.

True story. Same exact thing happened to me on the Dan Ryan Expy in Chicago 35 years ago. So glad seat headrests were required back then. I was fine but my coffee in the console was turned into a fine mist that permeated every nook and cranny of the car. We called it the “coffee mobile” from then on. Our infant kids would cry from the smell every time they had to ride in it.

Yes, all in all, just a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things.


Oh noes! So glad you weren’t hurt. :anguished:


glad you and the acrylic are OK.


I never knew that was the name of it! Another delightful visit, and of course you never say goodbye to @marmak3261 without him giving you something nice. This time it was a custom made acrylic ruler for my Glowforge made in dimensions to match the cuttable area of the interior. The numbers are engraved with a cool Old-World style font:

Just sorry he didn’t get home unscathed.


:scream: glad you’re okay!!! hope everything works out, that really sucks.


I’m glad you are okay.


Glad you are OK and it was only the car that got banged up.


That’s really great…can’t imagine how useful it will be.


Oh gosh…I’m so sorry, but very glad you are OK. Your poor car. Thank goodness for insurance, but it doesn’t cover the trauma and inconvenience.


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