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When I was in college I attended a devo at a local church with about 200 other students. An intern at that church always started out with a blond joke. The best part was this cute blond that usually sat in front of me that would inevitably lean over to her friend and say, “I don’t get it.” :smile:


took me a moment to figure out what you meant. I also went to Devo while in college… different era different meaning…


Lol! Yea, sorry, short for devotional :smile: like the “other” Devo too!


I picked a fine time to be out of love. DEAD! I understood @kennethclapp due to a previous life but I like your take far better.


random Friday fun…


My dad managed a small manufacturing firm for a while and he discovered that when certain people took vacation or called in sick productivity went up. Not just per-worker productivity, total plant output increased.


The beatings will commence until morale improves!


From today’s LOLcats:


My former employer had this same note on the inside of the restroom doors but it was in Times New Roman, almost as bad. Either way, it didnt stop the poo smell from wafting down the hall into the offices/cubes. The whole place was all drop-ceiling so it was effectively pumped throughout by drafts from the HVAC system. HAHAHA.


A Fortune 500 Company should be able to afford an automatic door-closer.


Or at least a better sign.


You could laser them one :smile:

Use Comic Parchment :sunglasses:


Or Comic Papyrus :grin:


Comic Parchment is the name you use when you dont want to get sued for saying “Papyrus”. :slight_smile:


I like the danger :sunglasses:


Rant: six weeks since the guy plowed into me. Car gone. title sent away. Still waiting for the reimbursement check. Agent won’t return my calls. Salesman keeps wanting me to pick up my new car. In the meanwhile my CC got hacked and account emptied. At least the Glowforge is still working well.


Forget the agent. Call the claim rep. Tell him you have been advised to get an attorney and to file a complaint with the state insurance commission with a request for a “market conduct examination” but before you do that you wanted to give him a chance to wrap this up.

If you get no response, call and ask for the unit’s claim manager and tell him the same thing.

You should get your check forthwith.


Disclaimer: I like your post out of sympathy. Sorry you’ve had a rough 6 weeks.


Oh, man! SO glad you’re okay! Impalas don’t let ya down when you get hit!
I had that happen to me once. It really sucks! Hope you get fixed up soon! And… Glad the acrylic’s okay. :wink:


Ok. I’m back in action. Money restored. Car delivered. PRU working great. Two days off in a row this week. Yes. Beautiful weather. All’s well that ends well.