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:open_mouth: :anguished:


Yeah… Must say, it’s a 2005 but I really have loved this car, and denting it makes me a little sad and a little angry. My wife thinks it’s not a big deal, but I’ll probably go ahead and get it repaired. :wink:


Tom, what better way can I start my return appearance, than to wish you a Happy Birthday !
Glad I got in under the wire .
John :upside_down_face:


It has bee a long time since living anywhere it might snow (though it snowed in Miami in 1977) But I kept hearing of folks having a “Winter car” that was basically a used beater that would probably bump into things but they would not care.


I don’t know. Be a 3-car family? Seems decadent. :wink:


Usually something you could buy for $50 at that time. perhaps easier to keep back then.


How nice! Welcome back! Meet the new johnbrooker, same as the old johnbrooker! :slight_smile:


:tulip::hibiscus::birthday::pie::boom::cake::champagne::tada::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball::gift::four_leaf_clover::sun_with_face::lollipop::balloon::trumpet: Happy Cake Day @geek2nurse :tulip::hibiscus::birthday::pie::boom::cake::champagne::tada::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball::gift::four_leaf_clover::sun_with_face::lollipop::balloon::trumpet:


Indeed, Happy Cakeday @geek2nurse!


Ditto! HCD big sis!


Happy cake day @geek2nurse. Enjoy your day and keep off that ankle. :grin:


These days it’s more often the other one I have to baby! Except when going down stairs; it still doesn’t like to flex quite far enough. But we’re getting there. :slight_smile:


Yikes! I have just about been bathing in Icy-hot trying to not rely on pills. When you take the load off one the other tends to feel abused. Enough exercise is good but past that I am not sure you are not doing more damage. You are the professional so may need to have a conversation that you would give someone else.


It’s how it should be. :slight_smile: My surgeon said it’s healed nice and solid and I can do anything with it I’d do with a normal foot. I’ve never had a normal foot before, so I’m still exploring the possibilities! :wink: One thing new is that I can stand on one foot on that side. I always thought my balance was just crummy, but it turns out my ankles just weren’t built right for it.

Before surgery, it was like you said – baby one and the next day the other one didn’t want to be walked on. The post-surgical one still gets a little sore and achy by the end of the day, but not the crippling kind of pain I’m used to putting up with after too much time on my feet. It was an ordeal, but I’m already really glad I did it!


that Rudolf one is priceless!


Happy birthday @jbv!


:musical_note:Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear @jbv,
Happy birthday to you! And many more… :notes:


thanks! and a happy valentines day to you!


:tada::tada::tada::birthday::cake::cupcake::pie: Happy Birthday!:pie::cupcake::cake::birthday::confetti_ball::fireworks::sparkler::boom::ribbon: