The Dark Copperhead statement cuff/bracelet


The base design isn’t mine. I saw something similar on Pinterest and liked it, so I recreated it in Illustrator. I shared the SVG and Illustrator files in the Free Design forum for anyone who wants to give it a try.

5 oz oak veg tan, 6 different dyes (pictured) and 6 different metallic paints (not pictured…it was LATE last night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) along with antiqued copper hardware, and hand saddle stitched using Ritza Tiger Thread. Edges burnished on the Cobra MP with water first, then dyed with black Fiebings pro dye and a coating of beeswax before the 2nd and final burnish.

1/16th" (.0625) diagonal cuts for the stitching holes, pattern reversed on the backside so they line up properly. I still had to take a single pronged stitching chisel and open the holes just a tad so my needles would go through easily enough. Increasing the line thickness in the design might be easier.

After dye, but before painting.

Finished product:



Wow! :star_struck:

The Dark Copperhead - Illustrator & SVG



Wow, that’s a lot of work, but so worth it in the end!


Just “WOW!” The cuff is so cool for many reasons…style, size, colors.

Very nice of you to share the file. Thank you.


wow. That looks amazing. Not even going to try since I don’t have that skill set and my take would be an insult to the design…


Bah! Never say never! :grinning:

Keep in mind I’ve only really been doing this since April. I started back in 2000, but it fell by the wayside in 2001 and I didn’t pick it back up until just a few months ago.

Let your creative juices flow!!! There is no wrong way of doing this, just different ways.

Shelly and I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone. We’ve tried several hobbies together over the years, but none really stuck until now. Well, maybe computer gaming (World of Warcraft anyone? LOL). When she found her “inner designer” and saw what she could do with leather, charms, and what-nots, she really blossomed.

I’m in awe of her creativity. I may have 20 to 30 bracelets, cuffs, and pendants on our inventory wall, but at last count she has 70-some-odd pairs of earrings, necklaces, and bag charms. She’s prolific with this stuff.


Now that is awesome.