The Difference


Gift for a departing colleague on slate prepped with oil & beeswax…

CC BY-NC 2.5, Randall Munroe




:joy::rofl: Why do I feel like that scientist. I’d have used a lightening rod and something to push the button.


XKCD is my hands down favorite web-comic. You should do another and send it to Randall. :slight_smile:


You used both oil & beeswax before lasering?


Very nice! what are the dimensions?


Yes – Howard’s Feed-n-Wax, applied about 30 min before zapping. Really increases the contrast. In a pinch, I just use mineral oil.

Edited: Full props to @kittski for sharing her technique. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Approximately 5x7 inches, (~15.5 x 17.75 cm). I buy these for about $2 each at Michaels.


I’m just tickled to see the difference that PRE-oiling makes in the contrast. When I did mine months ago, I oiled after, and everything disappeared. Whoops! :flushed:

So I had to burn another batch.


Interesting. I had just applied some mineral oil to slate this morning that I was going to try. I will have to pick up some of the Howard’s stuff as well.


I wouldn’t have to push it…I have some stupid friends! Ha! (Observe and wait, observe and wait…)