The dreaded orange light on Glowforge Pro

Hi all,

Over the past week I have been receiving the Air assist fan error after the project is loaded and ready to print. Once I hit print, an alert that the fan on the carriage plate is not running at the correct speed along with the light turning orange after it attempts to begin… The first time, I tried to reset my printer head 3-4 times before it began working. The next time I did the same. Last night I dissembled it the same way I’ve dissembled it in the past two clean both of the fans in that area to take photos, but this time I think the right pulley is jammed or something and I cannot get my Allen wrench to cooperate. I even tried the rubber over the hex wrench trick. Now my belt is loose in addition to the other errors.

Can someone help me? My research tells me I need a new carriage plate and a pulley for the right side now. Where can I order these items? I am trying to get them shipped ASAP as I have orders waiting. I don’t see them under replacement parts, so I’m wondering if I am supposed to order them from a 3rd party?

I’m sorry for the trouble with your Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and I’m glad to see that my colleagues have been in touch with you. I’m going to close this topic, and we’ll continue to assist you via email.