The dream just keeps moving away

Hi, everyone,
More than two years ago I purchased the GF to create additional products for my business.
I did not think it would take so long …
Somehow I managed to keep up with the basic products I give my customers but it seems that as time passes it is very difficult and I can not hold the business anymore.
In the coming months I will probably close the business or do extreme actions and therefore very much debating whether to give up the machine or still wait.

In the last two months the dates have changed 3 times and each time we see it is close it only goes a little further and a little more. The machine was supposed to come out to me next month and now it would take another six months at least until I saw it.

It really hurts me to give up the machine now but unfortunately this is the situation.



This saddens me to hear you may have to close your business :frowning:

That’s very sad to hear. Hopefully, you can weather the next few months until your Glowforge arrives.

This, however, is the very nature of crowdfunding. I ordered a Copenhagen wheel for my bicycle and it took 3 years to arrive :crazy_face: By the time I finally received it my quads were the size of tree trunks from all the hill climbing I had to do manually and it was no longer needed :rofl:


I think you might need to more-clearly state “I’m canceling my order. Please issue an immediate refund.”

Yeah, sorry to hear that…no way to outsource the business temporarily until you can receive the machine? There are services that will provide manufacture for you - you might not make much profit on it, but it can keep you viable in the interim.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not to shanghai the topic, but what did you think of the Copenhagen wheel? I am thinking about getting one…


It really depends on your needs. The product itself is really nice and can make your commute to work shorter as you can go faster or less strenuous if there are hills, or even an option if your workplace doesn’t have showers and being that sweaty person just isn’t you.

I use my commute as daily exercise and cycle quite a bit on the side so it’s essentially a gimmick for me. However, I will say that if you and your friends like to go camping by bicycle it will definitely help whoever has to tow all the gear :smile:

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I’m very sorry that you may have to close your business…and also that your Glowforge didn’t arrive soon enough to save the day. Best to you moving forward.

Thanks friends,
I still have not canceled the purchase because it really is a pity for the whole time I waited but yes, I still think about it seriously.

Meanwhile trying to do other things in the business to try to save him and yet keep the machine.

If only there was a way to get ahead of the shipment… :confused:

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Thank you for sharing here @kav3design. I’m so sorry for our delay, the team around here is working so hard to get your pre-order to you.

If you need any information, please let us know at or simply creating a new post here.