The Electric Chicken rides again

I made a new Tile case for my keychain today. I had made earlier ones out of proofgrade veneer and Acrylic for our other cars, but I pulled the MR2 out of the barn the other day, and it’s tile needed a new case. It’s bigger than I want, due to the size of the Tile electronics and battery, but I’m reasonably happy with it.

Not much is known about the origin of the “Electric Chicken” or “Robot Eagle” Toyota decided to affix to the front of the MR2. It’s an odd looking duck, a cross between Native American art and some 1980’s techno-pop. It only appeared on the first generation MR2’s. It made a re-apperance on the Third Generation MR2, although dramatically changed.

Materials are: Instructables Aluminum/Black 2 tone acrylic. Proofgrade Medium Black Acrylic and a shim cut from Thin Maple Veneer.


Very kewl! :+1:

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Looks great!