The Email! It's mine!


I got my emails!! Guys and gals, I can’t tell you how excited I am!! :+1::grinning::+1:

So I’m currently trying to find a spot to put My Precious, since we just moved…but that’s not why I’m coming to you today.

I have a TON of boxes from the move - good quality, clean cardboard. Any good ideas what I should make first? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So excited to start making with y’all!


I kinda like that cardboard globe light(from the promo video).



Thanks! That’s a good call. It looks like I have access to the store, but not the design catalog - that must come after I actually get my unit? Hmm…


Congrads!!! It is good to see so many people getting their GF :glowforge: :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks::sparkler::sunglasses:


We have the same ForgeDay! (Should that be what we call the day you get your email?) :slight_smile: Congrats!

I have a stack of cardboard very similar to yours ready to go!




Good question.

prototypes lots of prototypes.


There was a cool little spaceship that someone hand drew and cut out of cardboard recently. It turned out really neat. Maybe try something like that.


Unless somebody’s holding out on me the design catalog is only available to a few beta testers right now. The GFUI comes pre-loaded with several designs, after that hit the free design section of this forum and start designing for yourself. I do hope the design catalog goes Public soon.


Yay yay!! So exciting!!:tada::tada:


Nice … :sunglasses:


Kirby Made From Cardboard
Everything Else
1d - Kirby Made From Cardboard Twitter user RMX_Dice completed a cardboard Kirby by slicing each individual pi…
I liked this though a 3d football helmet would be way cool


That’s great!!! Congratulations!


Sweet! Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::champagne:


Congrats! Cardboard is great for prototyping and testing, of course. Layered 3-D objects like the Globe in the main GlowForge video are really neat. I’ll be watching this thread for ideas from others…