The email!

Whohoo! got the email. and now the real wait begins…
Hopefully we won’t have the same issues with UPS shipping damage as so many others have been reporting…


Congrats! Perhaps it’s just me but it seems like reports of damage have been slightly less than they were, with a few bad exceptions. If you do, you do. If you don’t, yay! Don’t fret on the UPS damage - GF will make it right if it happens. And it’s completely out of your control in all aspects.


Indeed. I’m not terribly worried about it, but hoping I get it intact all the same

My email came in four weeks ago-- haven’t gotten any indication the laser has shipped yet, though the proof grade came in two weeks ago. Heard from a few folks UPS my choice doesn’t always catch the laser shipment, so hopefully it will just show up soon for both of us. I get jumpy every time I hear a diesel engine down the street somewhere. Hang in there!


I hope so also!

Oh, and if you didn’t know before, this is when time will truly prove that it’s relative. :wink: I’d suggest doing something like going and buying all of the A Song of Ice and Fire books and just diving in headfirst, reading those until the GF arrives.

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Woohoo! I did too (Pro). The same day as projected on my account page :slight_smile:

I suppose they’re going to want the PRU back :wink:


Now that I can see the design catalog, I can’t seem to find the Catan board or the Drone plans…
Any word on when these will be up there?

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Just got my e-mail too!! I saw the e-mail notification come up on my Smart Watch, I squealed (oops startled one of my sons) and ran for the computer!


I am supposed to get it today , hopefully the email shows up

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The one time you want email set to push notifications…

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Well that was fast, it’s supposed to show up tomorrow 12/1, neat

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Wohoo it’s here!

Unfortunately the crumb tray and hose won’t be here until Monday…


Great! Prepare your venting solution. :sunglasses:

It’s in progress to that window above, just less urgent now

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If you get some dryer hose ($8 at Home Depot) and enough wood or something that you can stack up so the material is within range (something on the order of 1.4-1.5") you can lase while waiting for the extra parts. :slight_smile:

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Did you see it come up on UPS app or website for delivery ahead of time? What State do you live in (asking because I got my email the same day as you did…I live in KS).

I received my proof grade yesterday. I haven’t seen anything in the UPS app showing any tracking on the unit itself yet. Every time my watch shakes for an alert, I am immediately checking it and simultaneously reaching for my phone to open the app. I want to alert UPS to KEEP it at their local place so I can get it picked up and hopefully have it in one piece.

I still have no idea how we are going to fit it in this tech room (bedroom re-purposed) with all the other things in here…my toys take a lot of space (three 3D printers, a inkjet that prints 13x19" prints, a laser printer, and two 5’ desks that have our computers/work areas…plus 3 cabinets that store our other supplies (and one of the 3D printers)…

I’m going to TRY to find everyone’s storage and carts that have been posted…hopefully quickly in order to get a handle on this. I do have a table it can go on…but it’s not optimal for storage.

Any suggestions…is welcome for storage of supplies! Thank you! Sharon

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I am in Montana, and yes it showed up in the UPS app. I also got an email from GF support saying it was on its way

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Hmm tempting thought, but not sure what I am going to do with the extra dryer tube once I get the one in the accessory pack.

Do you know off hand if the 1/4” MDF from Home Depot lases well?

I haven’t tried the 1/4". I have done the 3/16" MDF Underlayment though (smooth on one side, slightly pebbled on the other). Runs about $10 for a 4x8 sheet that I cut into slices for the laser.

Did you find the Catan board? I was planning on making that as a gift, but I can’t find it either.