The email!

It’s perfect for dressing up as a '60s TV robot. Danger Will Robinson!

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I was also spacially challenged. I didn’t have square footage, but I found cubic under a tall workbench.
In the long wait, I made the preparations. 500 lb. rated glides, around $80. Take note of how tidy the bench tops were before glowforge.

After installation of the pre-release unit, and accelerated onset of entropy.

Glides completely out of the way under the bench. :sunglasses:


Where’d the analytical balance go?


Wow, I thought I was working in a small workshop with 2 4x8 benches attached to a 4x12 in a U shape. That seems like a lot of room until you get serious about making things.
You however, are making great use of the space allowed. My hat is off to that effort.

That fire extinguisher is the point of this reply. I was glad to see a fire extinguisher there, but on the bench is a poor selection.

I had done the same thing until I had a small fire while brazing some stuff without clearing flammable debris from the bench. It was easily tamped out using a rag and a little energy, but the flame prevented me from reaching across for the extinguisher.

I mounted it to the wall by the closest door that afternoon. Now, when you get to it you can decide if it is worth using or just continue out to safety.


I hardly used it since I quit alloying gold for jewelry. As you can see, benchtop real estate has become valuable. :roll_eyes:

I do all manner of burning, grinding, welding and plasma cutting on a 3x4 steel top table on the other side of the room under power ventilation. There is another extinguisher (bigger) over there - but your point is well taken. :+1:
Yeah, the 13’ x 16’ room is almost big enough.

In the 7 months I have used the laser, I haven’t seen a flare up I couldn’t snuff with my thumb. Next option is water in a squirt bottle. In the case of a larger fire, like you, my next move would be to smother it with a rag before I spray a mess all over the place.


I think the item I’m most envious of is the sink in your workroom.


It’s very convenient. Just behind electricity and lighting for necessary shop utilities.


LOL, first time I read that statement I was thinking about why you would make yourself reach THROUGH electricity and lighting to use your shop sink.