The Free Space Shuttle File Error

I printed the shuttle free from GF ty btw… But quickly noticed some flaws the acrylic stand is missing cut outs for the bottom of the stand to fit in not a hard fix but just fyi it isn’t correct i don’t know what else

if anything is wrong will keep you posted as we put it together…


Definitely following this chat. I applaud you for doing this. I am thinking about it.

its an awesome file although i changed my shuttles name to challenger which may be the reason im having issues…


I’m moving this to “Everything Else,” as the Free Laser Designs area is for posting designs for others to download. :slight_smile:

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Also, the designer of the stand portion has submitted a fix; it’s working its way through the pipeline to get posted. In the meantime, there’s an open issue in Problems & Support where someone reported one of the files wasn’t loading, and staff is waiting for information on which file it was, so if you run into anything like that please let them know!

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