The Future is Bright!

I’m about to come out of the Tarot Reader Closet with you all here! I’ve been a student and practitioner of the Tarot for thirty years and so I decided to make a few boxes to hold some of my decks! I have collected about 50 decks, so I might be busy for a while making boxes for them!

This first one features a raven and a quote from “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.

And, since Angel cards are so popular, I made this one as well…

The basic structure of the box was generated from - my favourite source for box templates. If you haven’t yet tried it, I highly recommend it.


This is pretty cool! I love neat design, I feel like it needs magnets though. :slight_smile: I dig the Tarot!


I tried using magnets on an earlier attempt and they just didn’t fit right. Or work all that well! The friction from the pull of the living hinge seems to keep the lid closed well enough. Unless I varnish the notches. I have a couple boxes that need a bit of sanding to rectify that wee mistake!


Very nice!


Nice boxes! I can imagine you need to make several more for your collection!

A while back I made a Tarot box with miniature cards that pop out of the lid with minimal description underneath.

For all tarot enthusiasts, the Rider-Waite deck images are available on wikipedia. They need a little work so the engraves are not too dark though.


Wow! That’s awesome!

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That is a lot of boxes to make! Nice start!

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Wow, all these boxes and boards are amazing!

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Great piece and quote.

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Very nice. I need to try some boxes like that.

Years and years ago my dad had some weird tarot cards. They were really cool because they had pictures of our family. I kept trying to get them out of his desk to play with, he hated that. Beautiful art… almost like you could step through and be somewhere else. Wish I knew what happened to that deck. My uncle Eric might have it now.

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