The Gingery Press- Old School Maker stuff

Wandering the internet today, I came across an old friend, The Gingery Press.

If you haven’t come across them in your makers travels you are in for a treat. They have some wonderful reprinted books with some fantastic vintage know how. The processes we use nowadays use a lot of the same techniques, just with a computer operating the machine instead of a human, but the old processes still apply.

A great reference for casting metals, making your own crucibles, making your own Lathe, welding with thermite, Injection molding, vacuum forming, coil winding the list goes on and on.


I must Say this is quite surprising. Those guys retired, turned over their inventory to somebody else, and then those guys vaporized.

I guess the got their inventory back?

I own a LOT of their books.

apparently they ARE still alive.

These books are serious knowledge. you have a grid down for more than a month? these books with some preparation will help you survive and thrive.


Yes, I also thought they weren’t around any longer. I was surprised myself. I think they are selling old inventory, and maybe doing on-demand press. (That would be smart)

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